Entry #1

Hello NG!

2008-07-07 09:59:30 by Prod-Lad

Hi its me, Incase you dont know me i run a website with the muffin man called kidzrkool.co.nr and were working on our newest collab called Johnny RPG! Its not actaully a RPG we just had a mood shift and couldnt be bothered to change the name! There is a trailer for JRPG that muffin made but we'l both be doing the actual game. Oh and there should be a smaller less significant collab coming soon. So heres some links!

Muffin Mans Account-
Click Here

JRPG Trailer-
Click here


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2008-07-07 10:15:29

The Johnny RPG flash looks interesting. The trailer was well made and it looks like it will be really good. Good luck.

Prod-Lad responds:

Thanks! It should be out soon


2008-07-07 10:15:45

Yay that's me ;)