2008-11-01 17:52:58 by Prod-Lad

JRPG is finally launched! OK so we had a last minute bug with da menu music but since is wasnt rlly a RPG we changed its name Johnnys Quest. Expect a sequel soon!


Another Updatez

2008-09-29 14:06:12 by Prod-Lad

OK ive gave up on fixing my Hard drive with my part of JRPG on it buti gave it to muffin mans dad to fix so JRPG will actually be out soon! Really! Also i have a new collab out. I did another collab with like 8 other people. Its called the 3 sec collab , it will be out soon

Good News!

2008-08-15 11:48:19 by Prod-Lad

YAY I submitted my first flash i made with Muffin. Also my part of JRPG is stuck on my Hard Drive because the circut board got fried. But i ordered a new circut board and should have them glued together soon.

Level 2 W00t -_-

2008-07-16 12:41:23 by Prod-Lad

Hi again, im feeling quite depressed this evening, anyhow im thinking of doing a flash about KRK , something along the lines of KRK 2008. It will just be a flash with all the best bits of KRK like our new video player/ KRK interface. To fill in the n00bs among us KRK is kidzrkool which is a website i run with the muffin man (see last post) and KRK TV is our new line of videos and we've just designed a new interface for it. As usual were making a big deal out of this new feature....Also the "smaller less significant collab is cancelled :(

Hello NG!

2008-07-07 09:59:30 by Prod-Lad

Hi its me, Incase you dont know me i run a website with the muffin man called kidzrkool.co.nr and were working on our newest collab called Johnny RPG! Its not actaully a RPG we just had a mood shift and couldnt be bothered to change the name! There is a trailer for JRPG that muffin made but we'l both be doing the actual game. Oh and there should be a smaller less significant collab coming soon. So heres some links!

Muffin Mans Account-
Click Here

JRPG Trailer-
Click here